Resource Replication Guide: Green Infrastructure for Milwaukee-Area Schools


Rain Gardens and Native Landscaping

Rain Garden Curricular Sample, UW-Madison Arboretum  (Earth Partnership for Schools)
This site provides a K–12 Curriculum Guide for designing and implementing a rain garden.

Rain Garden Network
The Rain Garden Network provides simple, proven and inexpensive solutions for storm water issues to homeowners, organizations, and municipalities.  Topics covered in this site include the following:

  • Water and Stormwater Runoff and Alternatives
  • Rain Gardens and Rainwater Harvesting
  • Advocacy

Rain Gardens, Wisconsin DNR
This site provides a Rain Garden how-to manual and information on how educators can purchase a Rain Garden kit.

Rain Garden Initiative for Wisconsin Educators
This site provides facts about Rain Gardens and how to build a Rain Garden. Rain Garden manuals and posters from various states are included.Some topics included in the menu are:

  • Designs
  • Plants
  • Educators
  • Photos
  • Special Projects
  • Grant Program

Rain Gardens, MMSD
This site includes highlights a video about Rain Gardens.

Wisconsin Native Plant Resources and Restoration Consultants
This site is an expert source of native plant and ecosystem information. A list Nurseries in WI is included.

Schoolyard Habitats across Wisconsin, US Forest Service
This site describes a Wisconsin Schoolyard Habitats Project.  Photos of gardens and artwork are included. Links to the sites of partners of the project are also included.

Native Plant, National Organization
This site includes a list related links on Grants and Tree Services (Contractors, Tree Trimming and

Wildflowers of Wisconsin
This site includes flower identification index listed by state.  Great photos included as well as scientific name and details.

Benefits of Rain Gardens, Earth Day Network
This site includes a lesson for Grades 9 – 12 on the benefits of Rain Gardens.  Working in groups students will learn how and why Rain Gardens are created and how to use their knowledge to build a model Rain Garden.  National Standards and resources are included.
UWSP Freckmann Herbarium

Green Walls

Green Living Technologies
Information about Green Roofs and Walls as well as a Mobile Edible Wall Unit, a product from Green Living Technologies are highlighted. Videos and Ted Talks are also included.

Woolly Pockets
This site provides descriptions, and how to install and maintain living walls, raised beds, and table planters.  Inspirational photos and a link to a blog are included.  There is an excellent part of Wooly Pockets just for educators who wish to create a school garden.  Information about school gardens, tools for teachers, fundraising kits, and photos of school projects are included.  The best part of this site is the information on how to create a fundraising page.

Water Harvesting

Rainwater harvesting video, Milwaukee County Parks
This site describes the Rainwater Harvesting Unit at the Educational and Visitor Center at Boerner Botanical Gardens.  A video is included.

Green Infrastructure, MMSD
This site includes information about the Green Infrastructure (Rain Barrels, Rain Gardens, Green Roofs, Porous Pavement, and Bioswales) projects involving the MMSD.

Other Resources Home Conserve Water When Traveling
Water conservation tips and reminders when traveling.  (Thanks Bella for the recommendation!) Home Water Conservation Tips
This site includes information on how to conserve water at home.  (Recommended by Girl Scout, Emma!)

The Water Project
This site includes comprehensive Water Crisis Lesson Plans for teachers in elementary through high school on water scarcity, crisis spotlight, digger deeper and bottled water issues.

Storm Water Curriculum and Teaching Guide

Project WET

Great Lakes in My World

NOAA Education

EPA Teacher Resources and Lesson Plans

Water Science School, USGS

Green Schools Alliance *many different ages and content areas

Kids Ecosystems, USGS

KEEP Program, UWSP

LEAF Program, UWSP

Wisconsin Geological and Natural History Survey

National Geographic Education

WikiWatershed: Freshwater Stewardship Web Tools