As a nonprofit organization, Reflo’s mission is to become a leader in sustainable water use, green infrastructure and water management in urban environments. 


Grounded in strong client relationships and community partnerships, we will provide cost effective and sustainable solutions for rainwater and greywater use.  We will accomplish our objectives through education, research, and the implementation of water projects that are rewarding for individuals, local communities, and the organizations that support them.


  • Part of the project team that won a MANDI award for the Guest House Project
  • Submitted a $65,000 grant application to support the Green Schools Consortium of Milwaukee
  • Participated in the Milwaukee Environmental Sciences School Earth Day Event 
  • Organized a Milwaukee Riverkeeper's Annual River Clean Up 
  • Participated in the Paliafito Park groundbreaking 
  • Helped to organize and design the 30th Street Farm project (40,000 gal of storage plus bioswales)
  • Worked with the Martin Drive Neighborhood Association to design and then build a rainwater harvesting pavilion
  • Helped to organize a diverse Data Working Group to submit a City wide mapping Bloomberg grant
  • Received confirmation on our Tax Exempt Status!
  • Presented at the SWWT Water Conference
  • Part of the project team that received a Mayor's Design Award for the Guest House Project