Bradley Tech Student Interns (Foremen)

Reflo works with teams of seniors and juniors from the Lynde and Harry Bradley Technology and Trade School to involve students in hands-on job experience supporting innovative community green infrastructure. These paid youth “foremen” are exposed to careers in engineering, policy, communications, and more. Projects range from designing green infrastructure, creating exhibits, interviewing stakeholders, and presenting to the public.


Building a Traveling Exhibit

In 2019, the foremen are busy designing and building a traveling exhibit that shows how Aquablox cisterns hold water. Aquablox are plastic structures resembling milk crates that are stacked together like LEGOS. When wrapped in impermeable fabric, the blocks’ void spaces can hold water in a giant cistern that is then buried and connected to a stormwater source. The exhibit helps explain how the blocks and cistern work.

foremen table.jpg

Building an Augmented Reality Table

In 2018, the foremen helped design and build Reflo’s Virtual Water Table. They used digital tools to visualize how to solve different design problems affecting its size, shape, construction, and portability. They collaborated to iterate their design solutions, and then constructed the physical table itself. The foremen also presented to the public how the table’s technology powers the mobile exhibit’s magic to visualize watersheds.

Bradley Tech Senior Foremen at Pali.jpg

Building an Underground Cistern

In 2017, the foremen worked with engineers, artists, and the community to help design and build an underground cistern that collects stormwater at Paliafito Eco-Arts Park in Milwaukee’s Walker’s Point neighborhood. They participated in the community build-day to install the cistern, and supported programming throughout the summer to engage the public with this redesigned pocket park.