Reflo’s Mission / Vision

As a nonprofit organization, Reflo’s mission is to become a leader in sustainable water use, green infrastructure and water management in urban environments. Grounded in strong client relationships and community partnerships, we will provide cost effective and sustainable solutions for rainwater and greywater use.  We will accomplish our objectives through education, research, and the implementation of water projects that are rewarding for individuals, local communities, and the organizations that support them.


Accomplishments in 2018

Green and Healthy Schools

  • 2 pilot MPS school projects built

    • 3 high school students hired in pilot program

  • 4 MPS schools fundraised for: $1.2 million with remaining $400k to raise

    • collaboration with nonprofits

    • further collaboration with MPS grants, facilities, foundation, science, CCS etc.

    • increased involvement with contracting etc.

  • 5 MPS schools conceptually planned

    • Evolved process: DEI, drone footage, plan development, meetings, connections etc.

    • multi-year investment by MMSD

  • Green Schools Conference

    • 40+ exhibitors

    • 260+ attendees

    • 30+ presentations

    • meaningful student engagement

  • Sustainability Project Manager for MPS

  • EPA grant with Upham Woods - Science Strikes Back

Rainwater Harvesting for Urban Agriculture

  • Alice’s Garden construction

    • 150+ volunteers, built a 20,000 gal cistern in 2 hours

  • Women’s Shelter build

    • collaboration with MASA

  • Repair of Guest House cistern

    • discussions about BaseTern

  • Cream City Farms expansion

    • monitoring with Marquette

    • connection to local schools

  • Rainwater Harvesting Guide with Health Department

MKE Water Stories

  • expansion of the MCM to include collaboration with WCM and John Gurda

  • collaboration with Mary Miss, Marquette, and UCC Acosta

    • continued development of mobile app development

  • development of the Virtual Water Table

    • student engagement

    • 1st place at MPS STEM Fair

    • multiple touring engagements

  • development of MKE Waterscape Game

    • multiple play tests and engagements

    • future positioning for web and mobile access

Green Infrastructure Research, Demonstration, and Creative Placemaking

  • Fondy Park - plus expansion, low cost/value

    • MANDI award

  • Green Tech Station - design and construction

    • street diversion, GI demos, infrastructure engagement

  • Paliafito Park programing and development (standard signage)

Greening MKE’s Public Spaces

  • meaningful collaboration across multiple public initiatives to remove asphalt and promote green infrastructure across the City