Storytelling + Technology = Engagement

We believe that sharing Milwaukee Water Stories is a critical lever to support Reflo's mission to catalyze amazing community green infrastructure in Milwaukee. Water flows through our lives, jobs, environment, and society, but too often the relationships seem invisible. Reflo uses technology and storytelling to make these connections visible, tangible, and motivational by leveraging three digital engagement projects (the map, the app, and the game) and one amazing mobile venue, the Virtual Water Table.

Milwaukee Community Map

Reflo curates the Milwaukee Community Map in Google Earth, a free resource of, by, and for the community focused on exploring the Milwaukee community’s relationship to water. Supported by dozens of stakeholders, it’s perfect for student and citizen engagement.

Water Story MKE Adventure App

Our free place-based mobile app is your passport to discovering Milwaukee’s hidden water stories. Perfect for school or social outings, just download the app and travel to six different places to discover water history, personal stories, and green infrastructure hidden in plain sight.

Virtual Water Table & More

You have to not only see it, but touch it to believe it. The Virtual Water Table is a mobile education/engagement unit our team can deploy to your school or event to make tangible connections about water. It features an Augmented Reality Sandbox and a digital role-playing game.

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