Governance Board

Reflo’s governance board meets quarterly to guide our efforts to support community water projects.


Katie Dimmer

Katie Dimmer, C.E.M., is an experienced project engineer with a demonstrated history of working in the mining & metals industry. She earned her bachelor's in physics from the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse in 2008 and her bachelor's in civil engineering from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in 2011. During her time at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Katie worked with Engineers Without Borders to design a gravity-fed water distribution system that supplied water to 46 taps in Quejchip, Guatemala. In 2019 she currently serves as energy project engineer at Charter Steel.


Lindsay Frost

Lindsay grew up in a small town in rural Wisconsin and moved to Milwaukee in 2006. She earned her bachelor's in conservation and environmental science from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in 2010 and her master's in nonprofit management there in 2016. She completed a year of service with AmeriCorps in Minnesota conducting prescribed burning along the Mississippi River bluffs. She has worked at the UWM School of Freshwater Sciences as career development manager and subsequently as a project manager for the nonprofit Harbor District, Inc., where she helped develop "Habitat Hotels" to provide fish spawning habitat in urban harbor contexts. In 2019, Lindsay currently serves as engagement manager for Milwaukee County Parks where she is proud to share her passion for urban nature with others.


Sean Kiebzak

Sean Kiebzak, COO for Arts @ Large, has a diverse background in both the arts and the sciences (with degrees in both music and conservation science). Sean manages arts-integrated programming in approximately 50 schools including: facilitation of professional development, contracting artists, and development of school beautification projects. In addition to his daily work, Sean consistently advocates to address complex community issues by designing creative constituent-informed initiatives such as the Fabric of Milwaukee.


Denice Niebuhr

Denice is an ecology nerd. As an educator, she tries to impart the importance of taking care of our world throughout the experiences she provides her students at Milwaukee’s Parkside School for the Arts. Denice realizes that valuing our world cannot be measured in a test and strives through word and action to inspire her students to respect all our natural resources and to act responsibly today and in the future. She values water highly. Water is her beverage of choice, and she dips her toes in it every day when she swims. She feels lucky to live near near such a large body of fresh water in Lake Michigan.


Barbara Richards

Barbara A. Richards is a retired MPS Montessori teacher who has three adult children and three grandchildren. Ms. Richards is on the board of the Milwaukee Environmental Consortium, Reflo: Sustainable Water Solutions and Milwaukee Food Council and co-chairs its policy committee. She is the Conservation Chair and Newsletter Chair for the Great Waters Group of the Sierra Club. Ms. Richards holds two Permaculture Design Certificates. The Ethical Principles of permaculture: Care for Earth, Care for People, Fair Share for all, purpose Ms. Richards’ daily choices echoing Micah 5: Act Justly, Love Tenderly, Walk Humbly with God.