Game Overview

Game Roles

Skill Usage

Click “PLAY!” to launch the game in a new browser window. Press “F11” for full screen. Refer to the Game Guides above for how to play. And before starting, be sure to download and print the five role cards, one for each of your players. This game is intended for five players who each take on a role with special abilities, constraints, and perspectives. Together you must make historically inspired choices that affect Milwaukee and the waterscape from the 1830s to 1920s. To learn more about Milwaukee’s actual water history, see the Milwaukee Community Map Deeper Dive videos.


The MKE Waterscape Game
For 5 players
Ages 12+
40 minutes
Level 1: “The Past” (free!)

Michael Timm & Bryn Summers

Mike Rea & Steven Ackerman

Lauren V. Brown & Dionna Hayden

Brico Fund & Fund for Lake Michigan

The version above will play in most web browsers including Chromebooks. Check back for versions for tablets and other devices.

To play the game on the Virtual Water Table in Augmented Reality mode, contact us.