Innovation & Collaboration

Reflo is helping pushing the forefront of what’s possible with urban green infrastructure design, always considering how to create “bigger, better projects.” Innovation comes in the form of intentional community collaboration, visioning how to multiply benefits when designing a project for a specific site, and considering non-traditional solutions to vexing challenges. We believe that green infrastructure is not just about collecting water. It’s an opportunity to create meaningful spaces that enhance urban life.

Fondy - Drone.jpg

Fondy Park

Reflo worked with Fondy Food Market, the City of Milwaukee, and other partners to design Fondy Park. This site is innovative because it uses an existing building foundation to capture water and also the first known local example of a private property being used to collect stormwater from the public right-of-way.

31st and Capitol drone 2018.jpg

Green Tech Station

With myriad partners, Reflo is advancing the design for a blighted property in Milwaukee’s 30th Street Corridor. This parcel will be transformed into “Green Tech Station,” where students, researchers, and businesses can test various forms of green infrastructure.


Paliafito Eco-Arts Park

Reflo worked with Arts @ Large and Walker’s Point stakeholders to redesign a pocket park in a residential neighborhood northwest of the Allen-Bradley Clock Tower. It includes a 7,000-gallon underground cistern to water raised beds next to a performance space.