Reflo is working with a  number of local Milwaukee residence to help design and install water harvesting systems on their homes. The systems range in complexity and capture volumes. Each home has one or more of the following water harvesting features: rain barrels, 275 gallon totes, rain gardens, native plantings, living walls, mini green roofs, aquablox, and unique Reflo design features. 


On July 25th, Reflo worked with project partners to design and build Milwaukee's first community pavilion specially designed for water harvesting. This structure, built on a previously vacant lot, funnels rainwater into a 550-gallon collection system for use in the surrounding gardens. The overflow from the system runs to a 200 square foot rain garden.  Project signs were also installed to help educate visitors about the importance of green infrastructure. All these site features help further the programs developed by the Guest House. 



Reflo worked with Parkside School for the Arts to create a green infrastructure conceptual plan to redevelop a courtyard space located on the school’s property. Reflo used a collaborative design approach working with 40+ staff members to inspire an innovated design that can reduce storm water runoff and promote water harvesting. All features of the project will be tied into curriculum for the students to have a hands-on and visual learning experience. Mayor Tom Barrett stopped by at the unveiling to show his support for the project.


One of Reflo's first completed projects, the small/medium-scale build at St. Francis Community Gardens at 1927 N Fourth St consists of two 275-gallon totes which collect rainwater from the roof. The collected rainwater is then harvested and used on the ground's community garden. The water captured supports these gardens throughout the growing season. Before Reflo built this system, St. Francis employees would carry buckets full of water to the garden because there is no hose attached to the church. This catchment system saves St. Francis Church time, energy, and money by doing the work for them.