Reflo has partnered with Milwaukee Environmental Sciences School (MES) to design and construct phase one of a full scale green infrastruction site redevelopment plan. Phase one includes a 1500 gallon water harvesting system, a native ecosystem hub, a garden maket, and a food production site.  Would you like to be a partner? MES is currently seeking funding, donations, and in-kind support for this project.

Phase 1 Tentative Site Plan

1.       Garden Market Location – nonpermanent market “structures” (garden cart, culture stand, etc.). 

2.       Food Production Location – Design and construct as many food production features (raised bed gardens, hoop houses, etc.) as can be supported by the water harvesting system(s)

3.       Water Collection System – Divert a roof storm drain to the outside for water collection. Appropriately size the collection system (Approximately 1500 gallons). Overflow to nearby storm drain.

4.       Native Ecosystem Hub – Remove concrete and create a native ecosystem hub with selected plantings. This space could potentially be used to capture more water for reuse if funding allows. In turn, this could help expand the food production site.

5.       1200 Gallon Cistern Project (Already Funded) - A fully funded 1200 gallon water harvesting cistern project currently in the processes of being designed. This cistern will connect to a diverted internal roof drain pipe. The overflow with be piped to an existing catch basin located in the courtyard.  

This clear PVC tubing allows students to see rainwater being collected. They can then use the spout to collect and analyze rainwater samples in the lab.