Introducing our game developer

We are pleased to introduce Mike Rea, the newest member of our game design team.

Mike joins us as principal game developer, which means he'll be crafting the code that makes our game go. 

He has some great ideas about solving the trickier programming challenges we've come across throughout our design process, and we are confident in his Unity game design expertise, his unfazed approach to problem-solving, and his can-do attitude.

While many of you will be kicking back for the holiday weekend, we're kicking into high gear to prepare for our prototype demo at the June 14 Green Schools Conference at Fernwood Montessori School in Bay View! (Tickets are still available but the event is filling up fast, so don't miss your opportunity to be among the first to see the prototype while learning from an innovative community motivated by creating greener, healthier schools.)

Welcome, Mike!

Yes, bowties are (still) cool.

Yes, bowties are (still) cool.