Two-week warning!

Two weeks until we debut the table game at the Green Schools Conference at Fernwood Montessori School in beautiful Bay View on Thursday, June 14!

There are still event tickets available here!

Meantime, our team has been hard at work pulling everything together for the demo.

Lauren Brown has completed an richly interlocking suite of beautifully illustrated maps that transport our players to historic Milwaukee in much the same way readers of Tolkien are transported to Middle Earth.

Our User Interface art is almost complete. Allow us to tantalize you with some of the bold iconography artist Dionna Hayden has crafted to signify some our game's character roles. We think they're vivid, clear, and engaging.


At the conference, we will be presenting the three phases of Reflo's Milwaukee Water Stories program: the Milwaukee Community Map, the Augmented Reality sandbox table, and the MKE Waterscape game. The game will be showcased on a smartboard in the exhibition space so anyone who wants to can see it and play around with how it will work.

Ultimately, one way the game will be played is on the AR table using special cards that our players will use to make choices in the game like whether to evict fishermen to expand a factory, build a dam to construct a canal, or dig a new harbor mouth or keep the old one. Through role-play, the game is a way to explore the actual choices our forebears made over a century ago, leaving as their legacy our present waterscape. The game puts the choices in our hands: what kind of future waterscape will we create together? What are the costs of those choices?