The Brewery Neighborhood (former Pabst Brewery)

Photographer Paul Bialas, author of the book Pabst: An Excavation of Art, shares his unique insight into this fascinating urban environment once home to our largest brewery.

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The Brewery Neighborhood, 901 W. Juneau Ave., once the site of the world's largest brewery, today is a LEED Certified neighborhood home to a mix of restaurants and businesses, the UWM School of Public Health, residential apartments, green infrastructure, and historic architecture.

Taste just a sip of the Brewery's story in Paul Bialas' welcome video above. Then explore more with the Water Story MKE app, a citywide scavenger hunt where you discover Milwaukee's water stories hidden in plain sight.

Follow the path that grain once took through the brewing process here in the Go with the Grain history tour. Complete the tour to unlock Blue Ribbon Trivia. Complete Blue Ribbon Trivia to earn the Brewery Neighborhood badge. Along the way, keep an eye out for Hidden Hunt bonus locations and sharpen your wits for the Gemütlichkeit Bonus.

You have to note: This was like a city we were in. 6,000 workers worked in this area.
— Paul Bialas, author of Pabst: An Excavation of Art

Bonus Trivia

Which plant's leaf gives Pabst its iconic lobed logo?