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The plan calls for removing more than a quarter of the schoolyard’s asphalt, replacing it with green space and a mixed-use recreation and educational space (an outdoor classroom). Because of Hawley’s successful gardening program, the plan also incorporates additional raised-bed planters and rain gardens. Student-created signage throughout the school grounds will identify the schoolyard’s green infrastructure. A proposed underground cistern will be artistically represented in the kickball field above it so that every time students run the bases they are reminded of the hidden infrastructure underfoot. The plan also features no-mow grass, sun sails, shade trees, and a greenwall system for plants to climb.

Conceptual Schoolyard Redevelopment Plan

Click to download the PDF.

Click to download the PDF.


Review the school’s conceptual plan in greater detail, including designs, cost estimates, curricular connections, and maintenance considerations.

Green Team Meeting Minutes

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Vision in a Nutshell

Click for a PDF poster with project highlights.

Click for a PDF poster with project highlights.

The redesigned schoolyard replaces some asphalt with a curvilinear footpath and miscellaneous sun shades among tree plantings. A stormwater cistern underneath a grass kickball field is also proposed.

5610 W. Wisconsin Ave.   Milwaukee, WI 53213


School Snapshot

  • K4 - 5th Grades

  • 366 Students

  • 74% Reduced Lunch


Conceptual Design


Detailed Design, Permitting, & Construction

Maintenance & Programming

Contact Information

Lee Ann Chappelle
Hawley Environmental

Justin Hegarty
Executive Director, Reflo - Sustainable Water Solutions

The proposed schoolyard redevelopment will help us expand our outdoor place-based learning environment and support academic and social development. This significant improvement to our school campus and neighborhood community supports Hawley Environmental School’s Vision for our students to be “globally-minded, critical thinkers and environmentally conscious leaders.”

Lesley Zylstra
Hawley Environmental

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